Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Greedy Christmas List

That time of the year is upon us….it is coming. It is almost here…


I literally haven't been excited for Christmas for the past 2 years (bah humbug, Grinch much?), so the fact that I'm already in the Christmas spirit BEFORE Thanksgiving makes me so very happy. I'd seen a similar post to this on another blog and thought it would be kind of fun, and maybe also what I list will give you ideas on what to gift your friends and family this Christmas!

This is labeled my "greedy" Christmas list because of several reasons: 1) It's "tradition" to give a wish list idea to my family for gift ideas, and so I might've thought of these after I'd already created my list, 2) I felt awkward asking for these just because they might've seemed like something more what I would buy for myself, not ask someone to buy for me (cuz I'm odd like that), 3) they might be ridiculously expensive and literally "greedy" …but fun to think about ;)

1) Mint Heart Bow Makeup Bag from windsorstore.com 

Seriously, how cute is this? (trying to ignore the bad picture, that is). I've been really getting into this blue color lately, kind of resembling a Tiffany Blue. How tastes change…

2) Black/Gold Knit Flat Wallet from windsorstore.com 

3) Total Character Layered Necklace and Layered Cross Necklace from forever21.com
I've really been wanting to get some dainty layered necklaces lately. The second one isn't that dainty but I mean how fab is that?! ;) 


4) Etsy Retro Art Wall Art

I need some wall art in room that I'm redoing, and I'd love something with color. These two are my favorite out of this style. I'm not someone who's obsessed with everything Paris-themed, I just…really like these pictures. I adore pictures of ferris wheels…don't know why. 

Aaaand more wall art from redbubble.com 
 So cute!! 

5) Real Techniques Makeup Brushes. If I had to pick one for now, it would be the expert face brush because it is multi-purpose ;) 

6) 24-Hour Faux Leather Satchel from forever21.com. I'm a bit obsessed, this is SO cute. I would like it to be a little bigger however, so I didn't put it on my "official" list. 

7) A Camcorder. I don't have a picture because I, obviously, don't know which brand, ect., is the best, but I've actually been wanting one of these for a while for when I'm with friends (friend, that is ;) ). Now that I have this blog and a secret ambition to get on youtube (I guess the cat's outta the bag now), I would love to someday get one of these! :)

What's on your Christmas wish list? :)

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