Monday, November 25, 2013

2013 AMA's Best and Worst Dressed

I didn't watch the AMA's, one because I don't have TV, two it isn't the grand event of the year for me (I'm 100% the movie world, hurry up and get here already, Oscars!) However, I love seeing what everyone wore, and best and worst lists just keep popping up over the internet, so I decided I'd better do one as well. 
I'll start this post off by saying that I'm no expert in fashion, and most of my opinions are just that - opinions. So apologies if I insult an incredible work of understated art that's speaking to the world through fabric, but that's just not me.

I also like to keep things classy, so I'm completely eliminating dresses that are "obviously" immodest (whether you dress "modestly" or not, you know which ones I'm talking about!)

WORST: Paula Patton

Combination of a dress + nightgown + beach maxi coverup? Just not sure about this one, Miss Patton. 

BEST: Brandi Cyrus

Brandi sparkled in a sequined white gown perfect for the upcoming snowy-weather, plus…who doesn't absolutely love those shoes?! Her beautiful neutral makeup and red lip added some class.

WORST: Emma Roberts

Everything about this is wrong. Was she attending a 70s parties? Smokey makeup, shiny shoes, and a baggy clutch to fit the baggy…something. So Glad you are confident to wear what you want to wear, Emma. I will say your hair and makeup are gorgeous. 

MIDDLE: Katy Perry

The polka dots make my eyes go wonky, and I've never been a fan of random roses with scary leaves on a dress. And to me, the added organza gives this dress a cheap feeling - but that's just me. However, I say middle on this because I love the shape of the gown, her makeup is gorgeous, and the clutch is practically amazing.

WORST: Kelly Osbourne

The purple hair is staying for a looong time, and I've come to accept that. But that dress…completely overwhelming with the hair color + heavy bangs + sparkly clutch. Very unflattering, unbalanced look.

WORST: Keltie Knight

Sparkles, or confetti…and jewels…and a summer beachy wave…and...a peacock? I'm not sure, some sort of feathered friend, maybe an exotic chicken...

WORST: Lil Mamma

Sorry…way too much matching happening on the hair and dress. My initial impression was Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. Creepy. 

BEST: Jennifer Hudson

This dress is simple but obviously a love it or hate it dress. Right now I'm loving it simply for the colors because I got into this combination late in the summer. I love how most of the dress is orange (a flattering color on her), and then the pink peeks through with a pop down by the legs instead of trying to mix the two colors together in some sort of crazy pattern. She kept her makeup and jewelry low-key as well to balance the bright colors.

WORST: Zendaya
The super long hair, super long tunic thing, and then the pants and thick heels? Zendaya, you seem like a cute, sweet girl, but this screams blah. 

You may think I'm super picky when it comes to fashion. Hey - you'd be RIGHT! But I believe in speaking my own opinion and so there you have it. 
A common theme I saw on this red carpet was white (I listed only three, but there were more…), which I thought was interesting for November, but hey - they aren't freezing in the North Country like me, and I never did like the no-white-after-summer rule.  The messy, beachy hairstyle, whether your locks be long or short, still seems to be staying strong. While I think the look is very beautiful, I'll admit I'm a little sick of it. Overall, not really impressed with the fashion displayed at the American Music Awards (anyone else agree the 2013 year for fashion has been…lightly put, crazy?).

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