Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Product Review: TRESemme Heat Tamer Spray

   After I cut my hair short, I started blow drying it everyday to achieve the optimal volume/blow out look and soon realized I desperately needed some sort of heat protectant. My ends were starting to get frizzy, and for me that's a big no-no.

   I decided to try TRESemme Heat Tamer Spray, which I bought for under $4 at Walmart. The reviews I read were half and half, but since it was so cheap and a spray (I was hesitant to buy any sort of lotion for fear it would be too heavy in my hair) I decided to give it a chance.

   Overall, I like this spray. There isn't much a scent to it, just that regular product smell, so that was a plus. I do notice a difference in my hair when I use this in that my hair looks much smoother and blow dries with a nice, healthy-looking shine.

    However, one downfall is that you have to be extremely careful with the amount used. I have thin-medium thick hair, I'd say, and I'll never just spray the product through my hair. I spray ONCE onto my hand and then run my fingers throughout all my hair and use my brush to make sure it is completely evened out. Two sprays is even too much for me, as I tried that the other day and my ends were a little stringy. It may differ with your hair type, but this is what doesn't work/works for me.

     Would I like something a little lighter? Yes, however I'm satisfied overall with the quality of the product despite the adjustments and am content with continuing to use it.

      **Just remember, if you're in the habit of doing your hair and then your makeup, make sure to wash any hair product off your hands before applying the makeup. :)

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