Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Golden Globes 2014: Best Looks

I'll admit, it wasn't my favorite year for fashion at the Golden Globes. Very few looks had me awed, and I feel like several of the dresses seen have been worn before somewhere else. However, here's my small list of looks I think deserve all the praise they can get. 

Best Dressed:

Top Favorite: Michelle Dockery 

The dress is flattering and stunning, and I'm in love with her simple makeup and wispy but slightly vintage-inspired hair. Her gorgeous earrings bring out the amber in her eyes. 

Lupita Nyongo

I went back and forth on this dress for a while before decided I really did love it. The look is wisely under-accessorized, letting the bold color and built-in cape speak for itself. 

Sarah Hyland

I love this dress, and the color is just enough away from bubblegum not to be gag-worthy ;) The silhouette is beautiful, and the whole look is modest and feminine. 

Best Hair/Makeup

Emma Roberts:

I don't often like Emma's choices in fashion, but her makeup is always stunning. A dramatic smoky eye and nude lip is my favorite look, and her blue earrings make sure no color is lacking.

Olivia Wilde

She certainly has the Mommy-glow. How gorgeous is her hair?

Reese Witherspoon

Reese never fails. From her shimmering gold eyeshadow to her adorable asymmetrical haircut, she's yet again a favorite look. 

Friday, January 10, 2014

Flash-Back Friday : Golden Globes

I just realized the Golden Globes were this Sunday! In preparation for the bombardment of gorgeous makeup and dresses (and, to be sure, some outrageous-ness), here are some of my favorite looks from past years at the Golden Globes red carpet.

1. Emma Stone

Emma Stone must be listed first. This look is one of my all-time favorites from ANY red carpet. She managed to pull off a pale color with her fair complexion, hair, and eyes and not look washed-out. I love the simple look, from the sleek lines of the dress to simple makeup and jewelry, and yet it isn't at all under-whelming. 

2. Kristen Bell

THIS is how you dress a baby bump on the red carpet. 

3. Emily Blunt

I'm not always a fan of Emily Blunt's red carpet style, but she has those few occasions where I just fall in love. This yellow dress looked stunning on her, and the earrings added the needed pop of color to balance any sallowness that might've been there otherwise. 

4. Maria Menounos

I don't know, just something about the color and lines of this dress are extremely flattering. 

5. Helen Mirren

How adorable is she? I love it when a woman of her age knows how to dress with class and still look incredibly chic. 

What I Hope to See on Sunday:

Pantone has named Radiant Orchid as the color of 2014. It's not exactly a "newly come" color, but I'd love for it to make it's way to the Golden Globes. However, as it can be such a bold color, I hope the orchid will also expand beyond just a gown and take place in lipstick, eyeshadow,  manicures, or jewelry.  

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Best of Beauty 2013

I wasn't extremely adventurous this year as I really just started buying more cosmetics and such within the last four months. However, these are my favorites that I've discovered in 2013.

Overall Brand: Wet 'n Wild

I still have a lot of their products I want to try, but most everything I've tried I've been extremely pleased with, and they are so cheap!

Wet 'n Wild Coverall Cream Foundation

I'm going to be sticking with this foundation for quite a while, I think. The coverage is medium, and on most days it's a competent coverage. The formula is light and doesn't bring out my dry spots, not to mention matches my skin tone perfectly. This magic was only $3.99 at the drugstore.

Wet 'n Wild Coverall Pressed Powder

I'm obsessed with this stuff. I'd never tried pressed powder before, only loose, and I don't know how I survived without it. It provides the very slightest amount of extra coverage, doesn't feel heavy, and really helps keep the foundation stay put and hide any excess oil I have in my t-zone. Best of all, the pressed powder doesn't really settle around dry patches as loose powder tends to do.

Wet 'n Wild Idol Eyes Cream Eyeshadow Pencil in Pixie

I LOVE this eyeshadow pencil! It's the perfect go-to eyeshadow when I'm in a hurry or don't feel like doing a full-on makeup job. With a bit of eye primer, this cream will last all day and give a natural yet shimmery look to my eyes. I haven't tried any of the other colors yet, but pixie is a beautiful grey-ish, gold-ish color that is unique and subtle.

Wet 'n Wild ColorIcon Eyeliner

I purchased 2 of these, each for .99, a week ago; I bought color Black Black and Turquoise, and though I have tried the green yet, I know I'm already obsessed with these eyeliners. I haven't had an eyeliner pencil in a while because they were always too harsh on my eyes, but the creamy formula of these is amazingly soft. My eyeliner automatically looked 10 times better (some of you may know my weakest area in technique is probably eyeliner), and it doesn't smudge too horribly by the end of the day. For the price, they are amazing!

NYC Individual Eyes eyeshadow palette and primer/highlighter in Smokey Browns

Though I'm not crazy about the highlighter in this (it's mainly white sparkles), I adore this palette. I've never had grey on my eyes and I love it. The primer works okay, and the eyeshadow is extremely pigmented and has long-lasting staying power. I can't get over how pretty these colors are and highly recommend you check them out ($4.99 at drugstore, I think).

St. Ives Timeless Collagen Moisturizer

Even though I'm against the packaging (container that allows lots of bacteria in), I just repurchased my second container. At $4.97 for 10 oz, this is an amazing buy. The moisturizer feels a little greasy going on, but it quickly soaks into the skin leaving it feel baby soft without a trace of film. I love love this stuff.

Method Pure Naked Moisturizing Body Wash in Olive Leaf and Aloe

This body wash is magic. I've never had anything like it. Ever since I was a little kid, I've had dry, cracked elbows and NOTHING helped as far as moisturizers go. On a whim I decided to try this stuff out (the bottle is just too cute), and within just a few days my cracked elbows were completely healed. They could still use a little moisturizer, but they're no longer cracked and irritated, and my whole body feels soft after using this. I love the Olive Leaf scent too; it's not overwhelming and has a very unisex scent.

What were your beauty favorites for 2013?