Friday, November 22, 2013

Product Review: Neutrogena Foaming Cleanser and Acne Soap

I've mentioned before that around six months ago I went to see my doctor about my acne because it was getting worse and worse and the whole lower half of my face was just in pain. My doctor recommended the Neutrogena acne products, first suggesting the soap and if that didn't work, the Ance Stress Control foaming cleanser. 

I'm going to say right off that these products were REGRETS and I would never buy them again.

Neutrogena Acne-Prone Skin Formula Soap: When I first tried this product, even though it dried me out a little I thought I might be able to get away with it by combining moisturizer into my routine. However, after about three days, I noticed my skin was getting very red. I never experienced much itchiness with this soap, but my face started looked like I had a sunburn. Not a good sign, peeps. So, I set that aside and purchased the foaming cleanser.

Neutrogena Acne-Stress Control Foaming Cleanser: It took one wash for me to realize this wasn't going to work for me. My face was immediately super dry, itchy, and had that sunburn-red look to the nose and cheeks. I didn't realize until after doing some research just how drying any sort of foaming cleanser could be. I think I used it once more (because I'm delusional) before officially deciding I couldn't work with it. 

A few months later (earlier this month I believe, actually), my skin had gotten to a point where it was much clearer and, besides struggling with some dryness, I wanted to try the cleanser again. I considered the fact that perhaps my skin being so irritated before was the reason this was too harsh on my skin the first time. …That was dumb reasoning. Again, after one wash, my face turned red, and this time the redness stayed literally for two days and my face was hot (again, like you get after spending too much time at the beach). 

I'm not saying these products are horrible and no one should buy them - I'm sure this works for some people, especially those with not-so-much sensitive skin and oilier complexions. (In fact, I think my mom might be using the rest of the foaming cleanser at the moment, and it doesn't seem to be bothering her.) However, if you have dry, sensitive skin like I do, absolutely positively stay CLEAR of these cleansers! I'm afraid to try anything else Neutrogena now. 

Have you used either of these products? Share your experience! :)

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