Wednesday, November 20, 2013

DIY: from Purse to Clutch

My friend gave me this purse quite a few years ago when I was in a "small purse phase" (now it doesn't fit half of the stuff I carry with me ;) ), but I still really liked the look of the purse and didn't want to trash it. I soon realized with a pair of scissors only, I could create a pretty cute clutch.


1 small purse
1 pair scissors

 All I had to do was cut the straps off, which wasn't hard at all. 


It's not easy taking selfies with a honkin' heavy camera…and I just realized I forgot to twist the swivel screen out of the way… 


So there you go. Just about the easiest DIY ever created on the planet - my kind of project ;) 
What's your favorite DIY?

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