Monday, December 9, 2013

Product Review: Wet n Wild ColorIcon Blush

(Read my first impressions on this blush)

Wet n Wild ColorIcon Blush

I bought this blush in the color Mellow Wine for $3.99, I believe (plus a discount), along with Wet n Wild Coverall Cream Foundation (read the review here). After a few weeks, this is my opinion:

Overall, the color is beautiful. On the pad it looks rather dark, but if you apply a light amount, it's actually a very soft pink that adds a natural glow to my features. (FYI, it looks like sparkles are in the blush when you look at the pad, but I haven't noticed any rub off onto my face). 

I tried using my L.A. blush brush for application but soon switched to my e.l.f Total Face Brush (it came with it's own applicator brush, but we all know those things are blech). This blush is SUPER pigmented, and I found the smaller brush made it harder to evenly distribute. Speaking of which, I'd say this is the only con for the product. If you don't mind some extra blending, then you won't have a problem. Personally, I find that annoying; maybe I'm just lazy, but I prefer to get a good amount of blush on my brush and it apply it quickly and evenly without having to worry about looking like a clown. However, if I get too much on my face (which has pretty much happened every morning), I just take my fingers and swirl it upwards along my cheekbones and it evens out. I recommend LIGHTLY sweeping your brush over the blush and then knocking some off on the side of the container. 

In addition, the color doesn't stay throughout the day. It never completely fades, but I definitely notice the pink is barely there by the mid-afternoon/early evening. 

**It's a great blush if you don't mind extra step of blending :) **

Would I recommend to a friend? Yes
Would I buy again? Excluding the fact that this blush will last me 10 years since I don't have to use much, I'm really not sure if I will. The fact that it contains no parabens or fragrance is a plus, the shade is beautiful and I'm curious about the other colors, but the application can be annoying to me personally.
Rating: For the $, 3.5 out of 5

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